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September 2013 Horoscope

Taking care of business

Most of September is about getting things done, but the month finishes with a dose of passion and pleasure. The Sun is in competent Virgo until September 22, which is useful for honing skills and taking a more practical approach to life. This Earth sign excels at efficiency and concentrating minds on critical tasks. Savvy Mercury is at home in Virgo until September 9, keeping thoughts and perceptions as sharp as a tack. Fortunately, the tendency toward focusing so hard on details that the big picture can be lost is tempered in the early part of the month.

On September 5, the Virgo New Moon aligns in a favorable sextile with visionary Jupiter in Cancer that grows stronger when the Sun forms a precise 60-degree angle with this giant planet on September 7. The dry logic of Virgo is balanced with the optimism, intuition and broad perspective of Jupiter in a sensitive Water sign. This is not only positive for long-range planning, but it adds a personal touch that humanizes work.

Mercury enters objective and accommodating Libra on September 9, and there it can smooth out communications and facilitate agreements. It's easier to see others' points of view and make compromises, but if we give away too much in the need to please others, blow-ups are possible when the messenger planet runs into hard aspects with suspicious Pluto on September 14 and rebellious Uranus on September 15.

Obstacles may be encountered when active Mars is stressed by a square with restrictive Saturn on September 9. It's a time to slow down and put all our efforts into one task at a time. Pride, ego and willfulness could be a problem, especially if the help of others is refused. Yet if allies and other external resources are used, this can be a powerful time to build a foundation for a major project.

Loving Venus shifts into Scorpio on September 11, which could complicate relationships with jealousy or fear that there isn't enough approval, money or recognition to go around. Desires may grow stronger as we want more from our alliances. This puts pressure on partnerships to be more fulfilling, with the temptation to look elsewhere for emotional and professional connections.

Hard decisions about investments of affection and money occur when serious Saturn, evaluative Venus and the karmic Lunar North Node all converge in Scorpio from September 16-18. Maturity is a must to turn the potential for petulance into a more productive and realistic look at our needs.

The Full Moon in spiritual Pisces opposes the grounded Virgo Sun on September 19, challenging us to find a balance between the real and the ideal. Some people may be disappointed by the ordinariness of their lives and seek escape from their daily routines. But one lesson of this lunation is that we need inspiration to do our best work.

Another thing we can learn from this Sun-Moon opposition is to temper criticism (of ourselves and others) with compassion. Avoid overthinking petty issues, however, with cerebral Mercury's square to excessive Jupiter, also on September 19. Power may be managed more effectively as Pluto turns forward on September 20, while stabilizing Saturn supports it. This is a subtle connection that lasts the better part of month, during which we can use intensity and passion effectively, respectfully and with reason.

The Sun's entry into Libra on September 22 is the Fall Equinox in the Northern Hemisphere and the Spring Equinox in the bottom half of the globe. It begins a social season when life becomes more gracious. Finding harmony with others and appreciating the beauty of the world enables us to flow more easily with people and the environment.

Libra's planet Venus promises pleasure with her harmonious trine to Jupiter on September 26, and turns spicy and sexy with a square to Mars on September 28. September ends intelligently as minds delve below the surface, which is excellent for research and psychological astuteness when Mercury digs into perceptive Scorpio on September 29.

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