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September 2013 Love Horoscope

Love on the Rocks

The travels of amorous Venus describe a deepening journey toward love this month. September begins with this magnetic planet in her gracious, airy home sign Libra, which puts a premium on peace and harmony. Staying cool and sociable, though, is challenging around September 9 when passionate Mars in Leo crashes into a tense 90-degree square with restrictive Saturn in Scorpio.

Patience and self-restraint are recommended to avoid wasting time and effort by trying to move someone who will not budge. This leads to Venus' shift the following day when she enters the emotionally intense sign of Scorpio to add complexity to relationships for the rest of the month. We're pushing past politeness to dive into the depths of desire, which can provide motivation for making necessary changes.

However, discontent and mistrust are darker expressions of this transit. Jealousy may flare up if we fall for the illusion that there isn't enough love to go around. But rather than descending into despair or accusing others of withholding what you want, it's up to you to measure your needs against what you're getting from others and to make changes if you're not satisfied. Scorpio is often about recognizing that some things must die to make room for whatever comes next.

Purging people and/or behavior patterns may be necessary to achieve the fulfillment you seek. Still, the Sun's shift into Libra on September 22 adds a dose of objectivity and fairness that makes it possible to negotiate delicate personal issues in a kind and just manner.

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