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Aquarius Love Horoscope: September 2013

Wakeup call

Your idealism about relationships may be challenged this month, and your need for some breathing space can also trigger some difficult moments. The reason for these experiences is the entry of Venus into Scorpio on September 10. The planet of love plunges into this mysterious, passionate and demanding sign, which could increase the urge to strengthen a commitment or to recognize that a partnership pattern has to change. It's possible that you will want more from another person but it's even more likely that he or she will be more demanding of you.

The key is to make an emotional calculation so that you weigh what you're getting against what you have to give for it. If you don't like the answer, some alterations will be needed in your current relationship. But if you're single and looking, this is a wake-up call about your desires and your fears. Facing them with as much honesty as you can provides a more stable platform for going after what you want.

The middle of the month can be exciting in an unpredictable way. Assertive Mars trines your unconventional ruling planet Uranus on September 14, which encourages you to experiment and take chances. It also sparks innovation that can help to resolve a problem. The following day verbal Mercury opposes Uranus to trigger brilliant ideas.

But they may sound strange and shocking so be careful about who you share them with. While you might appreciate surprising concepts and unusual behavior, others need some reassurance before following your lead.

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