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Aries Love Horoscope: September 2013

Loving out loud

This is a great month to strut your stuff. A playful, outgoing and generous attitude is bound to garner attention and should add a great deal of spice to your personal life. It's the transit of your passionate ruling planet Mars that's kicking up relationship opportunities now. His presence in entertaining Leo and your 5th House of Romance brings plenty of heat to matters of the heart. Confidence and creativity are on your side, but don't let cockiness lead you to overpower someone who isn't into playing as hard or fast as you.

In fact, Mars runs into a stressful square with controlling Saturn on September 9 that could be a time of frustration. Reading the object of your affection more carefully will help you avoid arousing defensiveness and taking one cautious step at a time will reduce the likelihood of conflict and frustration.

Alluring Venus occupies your relationship houses this month, which makes you more appealing to others. Her transit through gracious Libra, though, ends on September 10 when she dives into emotionally deep Scorpio and your 8th House of Intimacy. This raises the stakes in relationships as partners may become more demanding or your needs grow stronger. Now you've got to push past appearances to dig more deeply into yourself and work harder to find that satisfaction you seek.

Support arrives on September 22 when the heart-centered Sun enters gracious Libra and your 7th House of Others. Meeting someone new or putting a current connection in a more peaceful place are two of the benefits that come when desire is tempered with kindness.

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