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Capricorn Career Horoscope: September 2013

Time for Action

If you've been working on a plan for a long time, this could be the right time to launch it. September finds the Sun in competent and compatible Virgo where you can sustain high levels of excellence. This transit occurs in the 9th House Big Ideas, helping you to recognize the precise steps needed to achieve your goals. This part of the chart is also associated with higher learning and faraway places, rewarding you for seeking additional education and travel. A key element in professional matters now is your relationship with colleagues.

Your ruling planet Saturn joins the karmic Lunar North Node on September 16 and sociable Venus on September18. These transits occur in your 11th House of Team Work, which means that you may have to work harder to make sure co-workers and supporters are sticking to the rules. Being polite goes without saying, but being focused on getting what you want from people is a must.

You may have to push harder to motivate others and to keep up your own morale if the going gets tough. But instead of just increasing pressure on people, recognizing their needs will allow you to gain their cooperation in a less bossy way.

Communications require gentle handling around the super sensitive Pisces Full Moon on September 19. It lands in your 3rd House of Communication where it reminds you to be more careful about what you say and less literal about what you hear. Messages need to be decoded by what you're feeling because facts and words could be misleading then.

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