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Gemini Horoscope: September 2013

From the Ground Up

Turn your attention inward to examine your personal needs this month as you build a more solid foundation for the future. The skillful Virgo New Moon falls in your 4th House of Roots on September 5, signaling the importance of maintaining a healthy home and family life. This lunation's harmonious aspects to farseeing Jupiter and surgical Pluto help you to cut away the fat of unrealistic expectations to focus your efforts on an ambitious plan that's within your reach.

This is not, however, an enterprise to be taken lightly ... you must carefully attend to every detail and even cultivate new skill sets to achieve your goal. Concentration at work is especially valuable with resourceful Venus's entry into insightful Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment on September 11. If you can exercise discretion with colleagues, you'll earn and avoid potential jealousy and mistrust.

The inspired Pisces Full Moon on September 19 illuminates your 10th House of Career, arousing enthusiasm about your job or public service. Yet you may also take on responsibilities that stretch you beyond the limits of your experience, time, or energy. Don't be shy about asking for support if you need it or declining an opportunity for which you aren't adequately trained.

A savvy Saturn-Pluto sextile on September 21 provides a reality check that helps you recognize your boundaries and shows you where you must apply more effort. Your heart starts to sing when the Sun shifts into sociable Libra and your 5th House of Love and Play on September 22. This is the Autumn Equinox and heralds a new season for personal pleasure and creative expression.

Keep in Mind this Month

Aiming for the sky is exhilarating when you're fully fueled for the journey and have the necessary support system to ensure a successful experience.

Key Dates for Gemini


September 14-17: Adrenaline Rush

Relationship negotiations grow intense with Mercury's square to Pluto in your 8th House of Intimacy on September 14. Don't just put a pretty face on a disturbing union. Honest conversation -- painful as it might be -- is a strong step toward healing. If you're locked into a repetitive loop of negative thinking, an innovative Mars-Uranus trine can open the way to unexpected solutions. A high-frequency Mercury-Uranus opposition on September 16 tests your patience and agitates your nerves. Still, an experimental attitude makes you a fascinating source of fresh ideas. Mercury's harmonious sextile with insistent Mars on September 17 offers both passionate speech and a sensitive delivery that helps you send strong messages in a reassuring manner.

September 19-20: Stairway to Heaven

Imagination carries you over the rainbow thanks to Mercury's square to overblown Jupiter on September 19 and sesquisquare with illusory Neptune on September 20. Go ahead and dream the impossible dream, but don't try to sell others on your vision until you're certain that it's real.

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