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Gemini Career Horoscope: September 2013

A Human Computer

There's extra sharpness in your mind until September 9 that's helpful for clear thinking and analysis. Your cerebral ruling planet Mercury is in precise Virgo and your 4th House of Roots until then. While this might exaggerate your flaws, the purpose of this critical perspective is to recognize where you need to work on your personal life if you want to build a successful career.

The process of examining yourself more carefully is also driven by the Sun's presence in Virgo until September 22. If you're interested in getting ahead in your job, starting a business, or changing your line of work, this is a perfect period for gathering data and doing the research you need to make wise decisions.

Mercury flies into airy, friendly and sociable Libra on September 9. This transit opens your expressive 5th House of Creativity and upgrades the quality of your presentations until September 29.

On September 10 alluring Venus enters intense Scorpio and your 6th House of Employment, making working relationships more complicated. However, if you understand the motivations of others, this vital information will help you gain their support. Original ideas and nervous energy provoke restlessness when Mercury opposes electrifying Uranus on September 15. While you might have an intellectual breakthrough, it's best not to act too hastily then.

You will have a better opportunity to put your ideas into action on September 17 when energetic Mars aligns favorably with Mercury. The messenger planet dives into Scorpio and your 6th house on September 29 to peel away illusions and provide you with a deeper understanding of your work.

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