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Libra Horoscope: September 2013

Dancing in the Dark

The little things you do in private will go a long way toward making you more successful in public this month. Focus on completing unfinished with the Sun in fastidious Virgo and your 12th House of Endings until September 22. The efficiency of this hyper-competent earth sign is kicked up another notch with the Virgo New Moon's harmonious aspects to strategic Jupiter and formidable Pluto on September 5. Your commitment to developing your talent grows as you recognize the long-term opportunities a stronger skill set will bring.

You express yourself more eloquently than ever thanks to messenger Mercury's entry into diplomatic Libra on September 9. You can soothe some people and stimulate others with a clear presentation of your ideas.

Your charming and cooperative ways serve a deeper purpose with Venus's descent into shadowy Scorpio and your 2nd House of Resources on September 11. An acute awareness of your emotional and material needs prompts you to seek better returns on your investments of time and energy.

You could be overly distracted at work on September 19 when the quixotic Pisces Full Moon brightens your 6th House of Employment. If you're underappreciated or exhausted by your obligations, you may be flooded with feelings of frustration. Still, your sacrifices may be worth it if you're inspired by the service you provide.

The Sun's entry into friendly Libra on September 22 -- the Autumn Equinox -- raises your profile and boosts your self-confidence. It's time to focus on your needs and act as the initiator in relationships. On September 29, Mercury enters psychologically astute Scorpio and your 2nd House of Values, showing you how to make the most of your resources and abilities.

Keep in Mind this Month

Don't be distracted by trying to figure out what other people want. Focus on fully appreciating your own resourcefulness and acting in your own best interests.

Key Dates for Libra

September 1-2: Running Down A Dream

Sentimentality can be very sweet on September 1 with adorable Venus's sesquisquare to wistful Neptune. Yet those tender feelings may be misplaced when reality doesn't match your imagination. Enjoying yourself is fine as long as you don't try to build a lasting future on a passing cloud of pleasure. Pursuing illusions may also be an issue on September 2 when Mars misaligns with ephemeral Neptune. If you find yourself spinning in circles, it's time to reset your course in a more reliable direction.


September 18: Cut to the Chase

You are unlikely to allow pleasantries to get in the way of the hard decisions you have to make today. When value-conscious Venus forms a sextile with penetrating Pluto, you're ready to push past politeness and get to the bottom line in financial and emotional matters. You can't escape from reality with Venus's conjunction to austere Saturn keeping you in line. It's time to take a stand by setting limits on what you're willing to give and clearly defining your needs and expectations of others. Yet the most demanding challenge is to find the discipline you'll need to maximize your abilities.

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