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Pisces Career Horoscope: September 2013

Listen to Criticism and Thrive

Learning how to leverage your professional connections is a potential gift to your career this month. September begins with the Sun in efficient Virgo and your 7th House of Others. Alliances with colleagues and relationships with customers will be more productive when you're precise about what you need from them and what you can do for them. Be specific and concentrate on details instead of making broad generalizations.

Mental Mercury is also in precise Virgo and your 7th house where it will attract more critical eyes until September 9. You might feel that other people are being picky or petty, which might be true. But instead of defending yourself, there's more to be gained by learning from them when the criticism is constructive. If someone tells you that you're doing something wrong, ask them what you can do to make it right. This willingness to learn helps you to gain the trust and support of people while withdrawing into hurt feelings can reduce your value in their eyes.

Still, a generous sextile between optimistic Jupiter (your traditional ruling planet) and the expressive Sun can fill you with hope, provide opportunities, and broaden your perspective on September 7.

If you've stretched yourself too thin or are unrealistic about your work, the Pisces Full Moon on September 19 will awaken you to reality. Sure, it's tempting to want to blame others and escape into your own mind, but it's wiser to recognize where your emotions might be clouding your thinking. Brainy Mercury's move into sister water sign Scorpio on September 29, though, will deepen your intuition and strengthen your instincts.

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