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Sagittarius Horoscope: September 2013

Trust in the Process

It's the little things that count this month, especially when it comes to your career. September starts with the Sun and Mercury in detail-oriented Virgo and your 10th House of Profession, while the industrious Virgo New Moon on September 5 encourages you to initiate training that can elevate your skills. Concentrating on a limited range of tasks may not be your idea of excitement, but narrowing your perspective now can broaden your opportunities for success and recognition later.

Advantageous Jupiter and powerful Pluto align favorably with this Sun-Moon conjunction, attracting enthusiastic supporters and offering a strategic viewpoint that enables you to maximize your resources and make useful contacts.

Collaborative conversations with friends and colleagues are likely when interactive Mercury moves into sociable Libra and your 11th House of Groups on September 9. However, promised cooperation may be slow to arrive once amicable Venus disappears into the shadows of Scorpio and your obscure 12th House on September 11.

You might be flooded with feelings when the supersensitive Pisces Full Moon illuminates your 4th House of Roots on September 19. Issues at home can distract you from your work, but this is also a gentle reminder that you need a refuge from your public responsibilities to find inner inspiration. The last of three subtle Saturn-Pluto sextiles on September 21 can empower your dreams while also asking you to manage your resources more carefully.

On September 22, a little help from your friends arrives with the Sun's entry into congenial Libra and your 11th House of Groups, which marks the Autumnal Equinox. But an imaginative Jupiter-Neptune sesquisquare on September 28 that repeats on December 17 and June 11, 2014, inflates your hopes with unrealistic fantasies.

Keep in Mind this Month

Approach your work like an apprentice, even if you have plenty of experience. You'll learn how to do a better job with less time and effort.

Key Dates for Sagittarius

September 7: Joy to the World

Your enthusiasm rises to a whole new level when resilient Jupiter forms a heartwarming sextile to the Sun, increasing your confidence and allowing your generosity to shine. Having fun with friends or volunteering for a cause can fill you with deep satisfaction. Additionally, a creative Mercury-Jupiter quintile stimulates your curiosity and helps you find the information you need to solve a tricky problem.


September 14-17: Agent of Change

A lack of support from peers dampens your mood on September 14, when Mercury forms a tense square with manipulative Pluto. Yet if you dig more deeply into the situation, you may recognize that you're not heading in the right direction. Happily, experimenting with innovative methods can produce surprisingly positive results as courageous Mars trines avant-garde Uranus in your 5th House of Creativity. You might either persuade others to accept your unusual ideas -- or be convinced that someone else is mentally off track -- with an intellectually charged Mercury-Uranus opposition on September 16. If you can stay cool and remain on point, a smart Mercury-Mars sextile on September 17 clears the air, enhancing cooperation and increasing productivity.

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