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Scorpio Horoscope: September 2013

Be True to Yourself

You're focusing on the future as this month begins, because the Sun and Mercury the Messenger are in your 11th House of Long-Term Goals. The meticulous Virgo New Moon on September 5 lands in your 11th house, reinforcing your need to plan ahead, and its cooperative sextile to optimistic Jupiter in your 9th House of Big Ideas expands your horizons and opens your mind to a wide array of possibilities.

Everything seems to fall into place when sweet Venus enters your passionate sign on September 11, increasing your charm and sociability. However, solemn Saturn joins the karmic North Node of the Moon as it moves through incisive Scorpio on September 17, challenging you to eliminate some aspect of your past to make room for what's next. Venus joins the North Node and Saturn on September 18, delaying gratification and indicating that working toward meaningful goals is more important now than feeling good in the moment.

The psychic Pisces Full Moon on September 19 shines in your 5th House of Self-Expression, invigorating your dreams and gently reminding you that logic will only take you so far. You are driven by your ambitions and have a deep reserve of energy, so you can work diligently to reach your destination when steady Saturn and transformative Pluto align in a supportive sextile on September 21.

The Autumn Equinox on September 22 is marked by the Sun's shift into Libra and your 12th House of Soul Consciousness, prompting you to pursue a more metaphysical path. Use this time to balance the mundane circumstances of your life with your ongoing search for spiritual purpose and meaning.

Keep in Mind this Month

Delays may test your patience, but they don't spell failure. It's worth waiting for the things that matter most.

Key Dates for Scorpio


September 17-19: Honorable Intentions

A triple conjunction of accountable Venus, responsible Saturn, and the soulful Lunar North Node in your passionate sign on September 17-18 reinforces your self-discipline and empowers you to say no to anything that doesn't further your cause. What other people think isn't important when gossipy Mercury sextiles action-hero Mars on September 17, enables you to authentically walk your talk. But don't get enamored with the sound of your own voice as chatty Mercury squares overblown Jupiter on September 19. This expansive aspect, encouraged by a nebulous Pisces Full Moon, prompts you to lose focus unless you keep reminding yourself that you're on a critical mission.

September 26-29: Count your Blessings

Lovely Venus trines lucky Jupiter on September 26, driving the dark clouds from your sky. Don't pass up this delightful opportunity to enjoy a bit of pleasure or daydream about the better days ahead. A high-spirited Venus-Mars square on September 28 can spur a romantic quarrel, but also offers a sweet resolution to the tension. Your bigger-than-life fantasies are fueled by an idealistic Jupiter-Neptune alignment. However, Mercury's shift into pointed Scorpio on September 29 can return you to reality -- just in time to handle an important personal matter.

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