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Scorpio Career Horoscope: September 2013

Every Day Is Payday

Working well with others could be critical this month. The Sun is in competent Virgo and your 11th House of Groups until September 22, giving your career a boost when you have the support of friends and colleagues. Mental Mercury is also in Virgo until September 9, which inspires sharp perceptions and critical comments.

However, the messenger planet then enters gracious Libra and you 12th House of Tranquility where quiet, private conversations can help to resolve relationship problems. Your objective perspective is the key to seeing people and situations from fresh angles that allow you to let go of lingering negative emotions.

September 10 marks this year's entry of charming Venus into your sign. Magnetism grows to make you more desirable to others. It's important to know what you want from them so that you're able to advance your professional interests instead of spending all your time trying to make others happy.

Venus' conjunction with stern Saturn in Scorpio on September 18 shows you exactly where you stand at work. If you're frustrated by a lack of recognition or money, it's a time when you should be aware of what you have to do to prove yourself. Setting a goal, establishing a plan and working toward it with patience and discipline will pay off in the long run.

Venus' favorable trine with generous Jupiter on September 26 can bring rewards from faraway places or activities involving higher education. Mercury's move into Scorpio on September 29 deepens your thinking and empowers your words to make you a more effective communicator.

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