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Scorpio Love Horoscope: September 2013

Stay patient this month

Venus, the planet of love, is heading your way this month. She begins September in lovely Libra but is in your 12th House of Privacy. This makes it harder to express your needs and to get attention. But you might enjoy a break from the action to step back and review your past relationship issues. Recognizing where and how you might have done things differently is not meant to punish you but provides education that allows you to be happier with others in the future.

That future, though, is coming fast as alluring Venus enters your sign on September 10. This deepens your desires and increases your magnetism. You might be interested in altering your appearance to celebrate this new period of partnership activity. There's magic in the air on September 13 when Venus forms a favorable trine with imaginative and compassionate Neptune. This spurs feelings of romance, particularly when you take some quiet time alone or with one special person to soak in the sweetness of the day.

The inspiration you feel may come in handy on September 18 when Venus joins hard-nosed Saturn in your sign. This can be a tough time when you're not getting the appreciation that you want, perhaps doubting your desirability. But the purpose isn't to frustrate you or to put you down.

It's a challenge to clarify your relationship goals and recognize what work, if any, is needed to turn your situation around. Patience, a sense of strong sense of purpose and commitment to doing what it takes to earn love are its gifts.

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