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September 2014 Career Horoscope

Keeping the peace

September opens with the Sun in earthy Virgo, a sign that's dedicated to excellence. Raising the quality of work-related skills is an excellent way to use this highly practical energy. Refining and repairing old systems, as well as starting to develop new ones, is also a productive use of time for much of this month.

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On September 1, mental Mercury glides into gracious Libra, which is helpful for smoothing out rough spots in working alliances. The messenger planet does run into some bumpy territory when it forms a tense square with Pluto on September 9, as well as an opposition with impulsive Uranus on September 13. Power struggles and explosive conversations are potential pitfalls, but deep research and intellectual breakthroughs are possible plusses.

It takes flexibility to keep the peace professionally with the contrast of sociable Venus in pristine and patient Virgo as of September 5, and assertive Mars entering risk-taking Sagittarius on September 13. The first doesn't want to make any mistakes, and the second is about taking chances. Discerning when and where sticking within strict guidelines is best and when it's time to push the limits is a key to making the best of this combination.

The Sun enters Libra on September 22, followed by a New Moon two days later on September 24. This event is excellent for making fresh connections. Reaching out to others in your current situation or seeking another place of employment works best.

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