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September 2014 Love Horoscopes

Love Is Blind

When Venus moves into discerning Virgo on September 5, romance will take on a more critical eye. Until September 29, in fact, you'll notice the flaws in your love life -- and your lover -- with greater accuracy.

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The old saying "love is blind" is an interesting one. Perhaps we need to turn a blind eye to certain wrinkles in a person in order to see the greater beauty possible so we can love unconditionally. Venus in Virgo has a difficult time with this notion, however. Venus in Virgo not only spots a problem from a mile away, but it also cannot rest until it's fixed.

The good news? You'll have a great month for making things right in your relationship. The bad news? You might tend to create problems when there are none. Use Venus in Virgo wisely to help bring out the best in love -- not to sabotage it.

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