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Aquarius Horoscope: September 2014

Return on investment

A favorable focus on finances is likely this month. From September 5-29, Venus will tour the area of your chart that has to do with money from sources other than your direct income. You might discover that an investment has paid off with a lovely return. You might also receive a royalty payment, settlement money that's owed to you, or you may benefit financially from a happy change in your insurance coverage terms.

On September 8, a Full Moon in your earned-income sector will have you quite aware of money and budgetary concerns. You might feel worried, but try to relax if so. There's every indication your worry is unwarranted. In fact, it's likely you can have a successful conversation with your boss about a salary increase. The only thing you'll need to overcome is your potential fear associated with having this dialogue. What's the worst thing that can happen?

After September 13, you might have more energy for a social life. In fact, there may be a group you're motivated to connect with. Pursuing knowledge about a shared interest with friends will delight you to no end now. Make time for it.

Expect a surprise from your partner on September 25. A decision you make together on this day will benefit both of you.