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Aries Love Horoscope for September 2014

Listen to your heart

Is there someone at work you've been crushing on? If so, the chemistry might become impossible to ignore after September 5. Your anxieties and insecurities might warn you that getting involved with someone at the office is not a good idea -- especially near September 10. You may feel confused for a bit, but if you listen to your heart it's not likely to steer you wrong in the end. Expect gorgeous support on September 14 if you take this affair public. Even your boss or another VIP doesn't appear to disapprove!

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If this isn't an office romance, it's possible you'll meet someone connected to health. Perhaps one of your doctors will flirt with you, or someone will captivate you while you're stuck in a waiting room waiting for an appointment. You might also meet someone at the gym, or someone who is connected to the fitness industry. Keep your eyes open!

Once your ruler, Mars, enters fiery Sagittarius on September 13, you'll be more open about chasing your passions. A healthy and adventurous sex drive might take over, and whether you're single or attached, you'll want to enjoy the journey of life more -- physically, spiritually and emotionally.

A New Moon in your partnership sector on September 23, followed by a gorgeous connection between Jupiter and Uranus in your sign on September 25, assures that when it comes to love and relationships, you're bound to get lucky this month!

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