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Gemini Horoscope: September 2014

Sweet September

Life at home is about to become even sweeter. From September 5-29, you'll enjoy a special phase of harmony between you and your clan, thanks to Venus touring your family sector. You might also decide to decorate your living space during this cycle. If so, remember not to break the bank because your eye will naturally be drawn to the most expensive furniture and accessories. Still, whatever you buy for the house during this time is sure to be an addition you absolutely love.

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On September 8, you might be in the spotlight for a career achievement. Your boss or another VIP may notice your more creative work now, and if that's the case you can expect glowing praise. Another possibility is that you'll feel as if it's more important than ever to follow your bliss when it comes to your profession. If you're not in an industry that's connected to your calling, it might be time for a change. If you are, this could be an extra fulfilling time.

If you're in a relationship, you might stir the pot more after September 13. Warrior planet Mars will enter your relationship sector, adding plenty of motivation to get what you want out of a partnership. The problem is that with Mars here there's not much room for compromise. You'll want things your way in the relationship, and that might not fly very well with your mate. Single? A New Moon in your romance sector on September 23 might lead to the start of something magical between you and someone special.