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Gemini Career Horoscope for September 2014

Grace under fire

Being gracious when facing petty problems will be a major asset at work for you this month. The Sun is in analytical Virgo until September 22, which requires you to focus more on details, rules and systems than is your usual style. You might even feel picked on, question your competence, or decide you're above the petty tasks that are part of your job.

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Yet your brainy ruling planet Mercury enters socially skillful Libra and your 5th House of Self-Expression on September 1, enhancing your people skills and your gift of gab. Just be careful about selling a plan that you're not fully prepared to execute. Getting people to say "yes" can be easier than usual, but any project is likely to be more complicated than expected.

The revelatory Full Moon on September 8 lands in your 10th House of Career, which can open your eyes to a big picture view of your professional situation. If you're out on a limb of commitments that are beyond your abilities, or if you're simply so uninspired by your job that you don't want to do it, start to consider making some major changes. But if you haven't gone past the limits of your competence or interest, recognition from others can raise your status.

The Sun's move into Libra on September 22 boosts your confidence gently, making you an even more persuasive presenter of your ideas. The key to a successful pitch is to see the link clearly between your desires and the audience's needs. When they're in harmony with one another, success has an excellent chance to follow.

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