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Leo Horoscope: September 2014

Pursuit of pleasure

Your finances will likely receive a welcome boost this month, especially from September 5-29. Venus will tour your earned-income sector during this time, so you can expect more confidence to take advantage of a money-making opportunity that arises. Beyond this, with Venus in the part of your chart that rules your self-worth, it's likely you'll have a greater sense of esteem about your talents and your ability to monetize them. This mindset alone can be the catalyst towards enhanced cash flow.

A Full Moon in your 8th House of Shared Resources may put the spotlight on your spouse's income, an insurance or investment matter, or even an inheritance or settlement. Expect good news -- especially if family finances are connected somehow.

After September 13 and until October 26, action planet Mars will tour the area of your chart that has to do with romance and pleasure. You'll feel motivated to pursue what makes you happiest. A positive link between Jupiter and Uranus on September 25 may add an unexpected surprise that's sure to delight you! Take a risk on this day -- you're sure to be rewarded.

Sign contracts or make important decisions with confidence after September 25. Talk to a partner, and use his or her as a sounding board before you move forward with important plans. You'll be glad you did.