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Libra Career Horoscope for September 2014

Go behind the scenes

Your mind may be ahead of reality during the first three weeks of September. That's because intellectual Mercury enters Libra on September 1 to stimulate communication and inspire new ideas. And although you may be seeing a situation very clearly, others might not be ready to hear it.

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The reason is that the life-giving Sun is in Virgo and the obscure 12th House of Privacy -- a part of your chart where getting attention can be difficult. If you can't get the response you want, or if you recognize that the moment isn't quite ripe for a major statement, use this time to build support behind the scenes, and continue to examine and refine your plan.

Working relationships could be a little rocky when your sociable ruling planet Venus clashes with potent Pluto on September 9 and erratic Uranus on September 13. Power struggles, manipulation and mistrust are possible on the first date, and craziness, chaos and surprises on the second.

There's a major shift later in the month, though, when the Sun enters your sign on September 22. This is favorable for getting more visibility and feeling more confidence. In fact, two days later the Moon joins the Sun for a New Moon in Libra on September 24, which should put some fuel in your emotional and intellectual tank. Brilliant ideas and fresh perspectives are excellent for getting a fresh start where you are or in a new work situation.

Your charm comes to surface, too, when alluring Venus moves into Libra on September 29, making you more appealing than ever.

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