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Libra Love Horoscope for September 2014

Sweet talk

If you're married, or if you're in a committed partnership, you can expect a decided shift in the communication tone of your relationship this month. On September 13, Mars, the ruler of your relationship sector, will move into the message sector of your horoscope, where he'll remain until October 26. During this time you and your mate are sure to enjoy livelier exchanges of dialogue. You might feel more passionate about talking to each other, and the conversations you have will surely be more stimulating. In addition, you'll have the courage to broach a topic you previously felt inhibited about bringing up.

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Expect an absolute blessing from your partner near September 25. This will be an ultra-lucky day for everyone, but in your case it ties directly into your mate. He or she might realize a personal dream, or they might help you reach one of your own. In many ways you'll feel like this is a major "win" and windfall. It is. A New Moon in your sign on September 23 will only make this even lovelier.

If you're single, you might spend time this month considering any internal work that needs to be done relating to love and your capacity to give and receive it. A breakthrough is possible, so if it makes sense to talk to a counselor about what is blocking you in matters of the heart, this will be the month to do so.

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