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Scorpio Career Horoscope for September 2014

Slippery slopes

Use that deep mind of yours to be an especially acute observer this month. The Sun is in sharp-thinking Virgo and your 11th House of Groups until September 22, giving you extra insight into the working of teams and organizations. Aggressive Mars is in your sign until September 13, though, which can tempt you to push stubbornly for what you want in spite of resistance from others.

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On the other hand, you can use this drive to motivate a team and find ways for it to operate more efficiently. A key, naturally, is that you have to share the same goal. If not, conflict with colleagues is possible. On September 13, your traditional ruling planet, Mars, rockets into visionary and restless Sagittarius. This occurs in your 2nd House of Assets, spurring you to spend more money and energy pursuing goals that might not be entirely practical.

While spending money on learning never hurts, don't put so much into it that recovering your investment will be unlikely. If you're going to step into new waters, such as a different job or educational situation, take careful steps until you're anchored in it solidly.

Life could be a little slippery around September 21 (a Sunday, but operating through Tuesday), when Mars forms a challenging square with dreamy Neptune. This is wonderful for doing acts of kindness and using your imagination, but it is not particularly strong on details and practical matters. Mental Mercury's move into Scorpio on September 27 sharpens your thinking and allows you to be a more influential communicator.

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