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Scorpio Love Horoscope for September 2014

Soul connection

Your love life and your social life will certainly be a strong focus this month. On September 5, Venus will move into the area of your chart that involves groups, friends, and all social networking. With the planet of love here until September 29, it's possible you will decide to explore any romantic potential you feel with a friend. This will be much more than a "friends with benefits" situation. You and this pal would have a strong mutual respect and affinity for one another. The chemistry might no longer be possible to ignore.

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Confusion about this may reach a height from September 8-10, but after this time you will feel a greater sense of clarity about whether or not this is the right move to make. Either way, romance is illuminated on September 8, thanks to a Full Moon in your true love sector. You might express your love for the very first time to someone you've been dating. You might also feel that you have a true spiritual, soul mate connection.

On September 14, a positive conversation with a love interest is possible. If you've considered online dating, this will be an ideal date to schedule a first meeting. On September 21, love will feel extra special and secure -- no matter what the personal circumstances behind your love life are.

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