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Virgo Love Horoscope for September 2014

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

Congratulations! This month, Virgo, you are the "fairest of them all," thanks to Venus moving into your sign on September 5. You'll enjoy the blessings of the planet of love, beauty and harmony infusing you with goodness until September 29. When Venus is in your sign, it's traditionally a time of enhanced confidence and powers of attraction. You feel good, look good, and you magically send out a vibe that makes you irresistible to others. As a result, if you're looking for love it'll be easier than ever to find it!

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Even if you're in a relationship, this energy will benefit you. Because you'll come across as more charming and gracious, your mate will be more receptive to you. This means you can expect a gorgeous month of peace and joy between you and your partner. A Full Moon on September 8 will fall in your relationship sector, allowing the potential to exchange a full depth of emotion between the two of you. You might feel so in love with your mate that you've got him or her up on a pedestal -- untouchable! Be aware that on September 10 those rose-colored glasses of idealism might be extra strong. Of course, if you're in a good relationship this won't be a problem. There's nothing wrong with choosing to see only the best in your love. If, however, things have been rocky between you and your partner, the days from September 8-10 might result in disappointment.

Still, you'll have a great opportunity to recover on September 14. Venus will be at a gorgeous angle to Pluto, the planet of intense transformation, now in your true love sector. Then, on September 21, Venus will make a perfect link to stabilizing Saturn. You'll know that no matter what, love can conquer all. All you need to do is choose love instead of perfection. Can you?

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