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Aquarius Horoscope: September 2015

Dramatic improvements

Peace and harmony will surely prevail once more when it comes to you and your spouse or partner. Since late July Venus has been moving retrograde in 7th House of Relationships. As a result, you and your mate might have been experiencing something of a "relationship rehab" phase. Finally, after September 6 you'll see things improve dramatically.

Pay attention to an investment opportunity that might present itself near September 13 -- it looks good! You might also hear news about a major financial boost that comes your way through your partner's income, or, through insurance benefits, a settlement or even an inheritance.

After September 17 you might start to prune your friends list in a major way. Suddenly, it won't be so important to be surrounding by a large group of pals. Instead, you'll want to spend your valuable social time with friends who have substance.

If you're planning to travel this month, allow extra time for everything. Be sure to double check that you've packed important items and have all vital documents with you. Mercury will retrograde through your 9th House of Faraway Travel. Delays are possible but if you're re-visiting an area you already saw before you're likely to love it even more this time!

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