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Cancer Horoscope: September 2015

Back on track

Your financial life will finally get back on track after September 6. If you've noticed that since July 25 you stumbled a bit in this area, this will be a month you make changes that will allow you to assert your worth on the job and reclaim confidence in your earning power. In some cases, this will include a major shift professionally. A potent Lunar Eclipse on September 27 will fall in your professional 10th house. You might leave one career path in order to pursue another. Although scary, you'll ultimately be much happier. It's time to take back your empowerment!

In other news, you might hear about an extraordinary development in the life of a brother or sister. If so, this will be a "life changing" event for him or her and you'll be thrilled. Pay attention to this possibility after September 13.

Beginning September 17 Mercury will retrograde through your 4th House of Home and Family. This will not be your best time to move forward with real estate decisions or contracts or, to make a major family change. Instead, mull things over carefully and weigh your options. Then, once Mercury regulates his orbit after October 9 you'll be armed with enough perspective to make the right decision about any domestic matter.

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