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Libra Horoscope: September 2015

Balance returns

With your ruling planet, Venus, turning direct on September 6 you're sure to notice a greater sense of balance return to your social life. Over the last few weeks it's possible that you and a pal experienced a situation where one of you felt snubbed or otherwise unappreciated. Fortunately, if the friendship is important enough to you, now you'll be able to resolve things.

How you communicate becomes more important than ever after September 17 when Saturn enters your 3rd House of Communication. You're about to learn a major lesson on being responsible for your words. You might also have an opportunity to overcome a communications-related fear such as anxiety about public speaking. Mercury will turn retrograde in your sign on the same day adding to the significance of how important it is to communicate authentically.

Then, on September 27, a Lunar Eclipse in your 7th House of Partnerships will leave the status of your relationship with someone close crystal clear. Everything will finally be out in the open. This will likely have to do with a situation that you have been grappling with for quite some time. Rehashing things over and over may now prove to be incredibly draining. A change is in order.

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