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Virgo Horoscope: September 2015

Feel free!

This month you'll feel free from all of those skeletons that have been rattling around in your closet -- especially the ones connected to your love life! Venus will turn direct in your 12th House of Escape on September 6 giving you the green light to move forward and leave behind any unhealthy relationship patterns that have held you back in the past. A new day has arrived! Then, on September 13 a gorgeous Solar Eclipse in Virgo will signal a fresh start in just about every way for you. You might initiate a change to your physical appearance, launch a personal project or forge a positive relationship.

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Family matters might require more of your attention after September 17. You'll be a source of support for whoever needs you. You are also about to begin an important phase that will require you to build a solid foundation for yourself in order to create lasting emotional security. This might involve heavier domestic responsibilities. In the greater scheme of things however, it will have to do with simplifying your life and focusing on the bare essentials rather than all the bells and whistles. You know; the things in life that may appear shiny and bright but in reality have little substance. Those things no longer feed your soul.

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