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Aquarius Horoscope: September 2016

Financial opportunities

Finances will be a priority this month, and you'll have a perfect opportunity to get your cash flow situation into tip top shape. They key to doing this will be in your capacity to remain flexible and open to trying something new. As early as September 1, you may hear about an opportunity for you to do exactly that. A Solar Eclipse will light up your 8th House of Investments and Shared Resources at this time. Someone you have done an investment with in the past or who has advised you might now resurface with a brand-new opportunity. This will be the time to listen and consider how it might benefit you over the long haul.

Another possibility is that you're looking to secure a loan or mortgage. If so, apply after the eclipse, but be patient! Mercury will remain retrograde in the same area of your chart until September 22, so there might be a delay with processing paperwork.

In terms of your earning power, you may feel slightly insecure, but you'll need to address that nagging anxiety as soon as possible. By September 16, a Lunar Eclipse in your earned income sector has the potential to offer fulfillment and complete awareness about how to proceed with money matters. Don't allow previous loss to color your ability to maximize all the future potential.

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