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Aries Horoscope: September 2016

An army of two

It'll soon become crystal clear to you that the landscape of your life is about to change. Fortunately, it'll transform into one that's more beautiful to look at than you currently expect. The key to your happiness now has more to do with another person than it might have in the past.

That's right Aries, it's no longer just about "I" in your world. This month, you'll begin to happily focus on "we." Usually you're all about self-development, taking charge and going after what you want -- without necessarily considering how it will affect anyone else. Now, you'll find that this approach isn't enough. You want more and it involves another person.

Coupledom, in fact, will begin to appeal more to you now than it has in several years. The trick for you will not be so much in learning how to navigate the terrain of partnership, but rather giving yourself permission to soak up all of the incredible goodness that this person has to offer.

Compromise, collaboration, and true relationship are all expanded lessons for you to experience and rejoice in now. You can thank Jupiter, the planet of expansion and abundance for this. He'll move into your relationship sector for the first time in 12 years on September 9, and remains in this part of your chart until October 2017. Are you ready?

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