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Cancer Horoscope: September 2016

A happy home

Your domestic life is about to become even more joyous than you might have hoped for. This month, on September 9, Jupiter will move into your home and family sector for the first time in 12 years. Jupiter remains in this part of your chart until October of 2017, and during this stretch of time he'll expand your happiness quotient right where it means the most to you -- at home.

Jupiter's job is to expand what he touches. He does not discriminate with the "how" and "why" behind his expansion -- he just blows things up. Happily, it appears that family matters are about to become larger than life. So what does this mean?

You might be in the beginning stages this month of a significant upsize in your living conditions. A move is possible, and if you do move, it'll either be to a larger home or a living situation that improves your peace and contentment immeasurably. Another possibility is that someone in your family will announce that a baby is on the way -- another surefire way to get you to smile! In some cases, a relative or roommate will come to live with you, and if this does happen it'll be the type of situation that you are quite pleased with.

In other news, this month hosts two eclipses that will cross your communication axis. A writing or other communications-related project might begin after September 1. After September 16, you might be ready to test for a certification or license to help make your career prospects even stronger. Wonderful!

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