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Leo Horoscope: September 2016

Money on your mind

Your main focus this month will be money. At last, you'll begin to feel a sense of control over your financial future -- the kind that might have eluded you for quite some time.

It all begins with a potent Solar Eclipse that will fall in your earned income sector on September 1. This will likely offer you a major opportunity to cultivate your talents and market yourself in a way that ultimately brings in more cash flow. Although Mercury will still travel retrograde in the same part of your chart until September 22, this doesn't have to be a liability. In fact, it is an asset. Use this time to weed out whatever you have been doing in the past that was not working for you in terms of money-making potential. At the same time, recognize what has been working and do what you can to perfect that.

A source of debt or a credit issue may also be resolved this month. Expect to hear news after September 16. Another possibility is that you're about to pay off a loan or credit card debt. If so, you'll be relieved. If you're waiting to hear news about a mortgage approval, you might find out mid-month. Overall, it appears that money matters will go your way.

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