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Pisces Horoscope: September 2016

Exciting changes

September will be a pivotal month for you since it hosts eclipses in both your sign and your opposite sign, Virgo. As a result, your relationships and your very identity are shifting gears into new and exciting territory.

On September 1, a Solar Eclipse will fall in your partnership sector. This ushers in wonderful potential for you to join forces with someone in business, or to make a commitment to someone personally. Let's say you have been thinking about hiring a lawyer, agent, or publicist. This will be a perfect time to move forward.

The only glitch is that Mercury will be retrograde in the same area of your chart until September 22. This doesn't have to be a disaster. Use it to slow down long enough to carefully consider your words and any business pitch or negotiation. If possible, wait until the end of the month to actually sign contracts with a new partner.

Another possibility is that you're re-evaluating your relationship with your spouse or partner. If so, this month offers you a wonderful opportunity to clean the slate and have a fresh start. You might change your mind about something you were uncertain of in the past relating to this partnership. One way or another, fulfillment in relationship is likely as long as open communication remains.

A Lunar Eclipse in your sign on September 16 might be tricky. You'll know in your heart what you need for personal and career fulfillment, but may have to fight a bit more in order to get there. You will!

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