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Scorpio Horoscope: September 2016

A group effort

The landscape of your social life may change this month. Happily, it appears that you'll be in the driver's seat, initiating whatever shifts you decide are necessary in order to enjoy more fulfillment with friends and in group activities.

As early as September 1, you might elect to join a new club or organization to explore an interest you have, or to deepen your commitment to your profession or another cause you believe in. This will be the catalyst for meeting new acquaintances that have the potential to become genuine friendships.

Another possibility is that your love life will deepen this month. Indeed there is a turning point indicated near September 16. If you're dating someone, you'll either realize you're falling in love with your new sweetheart, or that you aren't as into him or her as you had hoped. The key to navigating whatever events transpire in your love life mid-month is honesty -- pure and simple. Honesty with yourself -- more than anything else -- will help you understand what you need and deserve in matters of the heart.

On September 9, Jupiter will move into the most hidden and spiritual area of your chart. You can expect to thoroughly enjoy more time alone in order to follow your bliss.

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