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September 2017 Horoscope: You're a Productive Powerhouse!

Read your monthly horoscope for September 2017

This will be a month of fascinating dichotomy, so get ready to reveal your many layers! Although September typically offers that back-to-school and work vibe, this time around there isn't any feel of dread attached to it. In fact, there's every indication you'll be eager to immerse yourself into the kind of work that makes your heart smile.

Mars enters workhorse Virgo on September 5, alongside Mercury turning direct in Leo on the same day. The degree of Mercury will stimulate the Solar Eclipse that occurred back on August 21 into action. Translation? You'll be ready to make progress in a creative work-related pursuit. Your mind will feel inspired and your actions will be as sharp as a brand-new pencil!

A Full Moon in wistful Pisces on September 6 encourages you to lean into your dreams. In fact, it's time to get lost in them. Remember; faith is all about believing what you can't see. You've got the power to make magic happen now, so sprinkle that pixie dust into the air, blow on it, and make a wish.

Disciplined work ethic will take over by the end of the month thanks to Venus moving into Virgo on September 19, followed by a New Moon in Virgo on the 20th. Yes, you'll be ready to start something new related to your job -- or getting one! Remember though, this isn't going to feel like a grind; it'll feel right. Begin the month following your bliss, and by the end of September you'll be rewarded with an indispensable sense of purpose.

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