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September 2017 Love Horoscope

Start making sense

Matters of the heart don't always make sense. This is both the beauty and frustration about love. Fortunately, if you have been confused over a romantic dilemma, this month you can look forward to a major boost in clarity and perspective.

On September 5 Mercury will turn direct after having been retrograde since August 12. Since he'll begin moving forward at the final degree of Leo, you'll find the courage and confidence to make a decision about your love life and its direction. If single, it will be about boldly going forth in a new direction to manifest the love of your life. If attached, it'll be about finding a way to love with a brighter, more open heart.

Venus moves into discerning Virgo on September 19 and remains here through October 14. Now you and your lover will tend to the details in your relationship, fixing whatever is broken and perfecting whatever is already good. No one minds working for love during this transit, so whether you're single or attached, the universe has decided that you're now on the clock. Don't be late!

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