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Scorpio Love Horoscope for September 2017

Trust your gut

A richness in your love life is possible this month -- one that you've been craving for quite some time. On September 6 a Full Moon will fall in your romance sector, leading you to feel more complete thanks to a dreamy connection you've got going on with your current soul mate. If you are single, this lunation will likely offer you a prophetic vision of what's to come in your love life, so be sure to pay close attention to your dreams and any hunches you experience over the next several days. Trust your intuition when you meet anyone new. If you feel that this person is worth getting to know, be sure to act on it.

If you are single, a whole new world of romantic opportunity will open up for you after September 19. Venus will sail into your friendship sector, bringing the potential for your team of friends to help you find love. Until October 14 it's possible that one or more of your pals will offer to set you up on a date with someone they believe would fit you like a glove. It's equally as likely that you'll feel ready to move out of the friend zone with that special someone that you know could be so much more. Go for it -- timing is everything. Your time is now.

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