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Gemini Love Horoscope for September 2018

Tough love

There might be no second chances for you this month when it comes to a romantic situation where you feel betrayed. If your trust has been bruised, broken, or otherwise compromised then the faith you have in your current relationship might die near September 8. It's possible that you'll discover your partner has been unfaithful. Even if this wasn't a recent indiscretion, or, if it happened before you were officially exclusive, it's likely to drive a wedge between you nonetheless. It seems that you believed your relationship was heading in one direction, but your partner might have had a different perspective at one point. Although you eventually got to the same page, you might feel betrayed anyway.

After September 9 you'll be extremely focused on your sexual health and might even insist that you and your partner be tested for any potential sexually transmitted diseases. While there's no indication that you have anything to worry about, your mind might just be in that space and require reassurance.

Another possibility this month is that you and your partner are just fine but are trying for a baby. This might be a time when you visit your gynecologist or a fertility specialist (if warranted) to figure out a baby-making plan.

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