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Leo Love Horoscope for September 2018

Detached desire

If you're in a relationship, then this September you and your partner might finally begin to feel as if you've got the sparks back between you. The interesting thing about it, however, is that you're not as emotionally attached to the outcome of where your relationship is and where it's heading. You're more able to go with the flow and enjoy what you have with your mate rather than try to push your own agenda within the partnership. Because of this, you'll actually create a healthier space between the two of you and accidentally nourish the bond you have. It's funny because what you were so caught up in achieving during July and August in love is exactly what you get to achieve once you finally let go of the need to control and fight your way into your partner's heart.

Another possibility is that you are ready to have that fight with your partner after September 10. You know, the one you've been carefully trying to avoid and sweep under the rug. Because you're able to be cerebral about what's frustrating you, you'll remain in control. Detachment is the way to attachment for you this month, Leo. Ironic, but true.

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