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Libra Love Horoscope for September 2018

It's on!

You are absolutely going to be prioritizing fun, passion, and play this month, Libra. Whether you're single or attached, by September 10 it'll be clear that your zest for life (and your sex drive) has returned with even more spark than ever. You're ready to express yourself in the most unique way toward your lover. In fact, the thought of revealing your inner freak to your mate turns you on even more than you might care to admit. Go for it!

If you're completely single, this could be a month of unexpected possibilities in romance. Expect to attract the unusual, genius types -- or maybe the quirky New Age folks -- your way. You might be tempted to quickly jump into bed with someone new you meet, and if so, you're not likely to regret it. You know exactly what you want and will have no trouble going after it.

Coupled? An unexpected pregnancy is possible, and there's also a sensitive turning point in your relationship by the end of the month thanks to a Full Moon in your partnership sector on September 24. Your emotional needs in love will certainly be out in the open.

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