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Sagittarius Love Horoscope for September 2018

Secret love intensifies

Your love life is about to resemble a total chick flick, complete with passion, yearning, and the possibility of unrequited love ... or at least a secret crush. Yeah, it definitely will not be a snooze fest! It can't be -- the ruler of your romance sector, Mars, is finally finished with its retrograde, and that means your love life is about to become one spicy affair!

But it will be complicated. Venus moves into the most hidden area of your chart -- the 12th house -- on September 9. You've got an absolute secret connected to your love life. It doesn't have to be a bad secret though, so don't jump to conclusions. Sure, it could be that your lover is not being completely honest with you or vice versa, but it might also be that you aren't ready to reveal your true feelings just yet. Your guard might be up, and it might be for a good reason. Maybe your relationship with this person didn't start out on the up and up (it could have been a 3rd party situation), and because of this you're slow to trust. That's fine, you should be.

The thing is, by the end of the month, you're going to know what to do and what your heart truly feels. A Full Moon in your romance sector on September 24 demands it.

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