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Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

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Maria DeSimone

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Go beyond the week and learn more about Aquarius!

Color your life: Aquarius power color

Given the choice, you'd rather wear every color, all at once, especially in public -- in fact, before as many people as possible. Your mission is to be absolutely sure that everyone you come into contact with realizes that you're the most unusual, unique and "different" person they've ever met. If that means surrounding yourself with colors that supposedly clash, so be it. But if it makes you happy, why not?

Create balance: Healthy habits for Aquarius

Even though you’re a visionary, Aquarius, you tend to have trouble with your eyesight. Eat parsley to strengthen your optic nerve, and carrots to improve vision (that old adage really is true!) And, to improve your circulatory system, take kelp to promote deep breathing. Your ankles and calves may also be weak; doing yoga can strengthen them. To get more grounded, affirm: "I am calm, relaxed and rooted to the earth." Read more about how to stay healthy!

Meet your match: Aquarius love compatibility

You are likely to find your perfect mate, take-charge Aries, heading up a business or group activity. Since they're known sports enthusiasts, especially when it comes to adventure, organizations like YMCAs or explorers' clubs are good places for you to look for them. See how well you and your current partner sync up »

Work it! Career paths for Aquarius

Water-bearers rarely hold conventional jobs. You enjoy putting a unique twist on everything they do. Holistic medicine, organic farming or performance art are the sorts of fields iconoclasts like you enjoy. Innovative and intellectual, Aquarians also enjoy jobs that allow you to imagine, explore and invent. You make great scientists and engineers, and love working for humanitarian causes.

Don't freak out: Aquarius stress triggers

Though "live and let live" is your motto, Aquarius, you really like to have your way. You get frustrated when you can't justify doing what you want without a good reason. Nor can you abide people who try to bend your will to theirs. Already high-strung, you become stressed by the pressures of time, and often feel there's not enough of it. Yet ironically, by slowing down you'll actually get more done and feel more relaxed. Get personalized tips for calm and healing here »

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Aquarius favorite candy

Aquarians like to be different, and this trait applies to your taste in candy as well. Water-bearers like you are likely to have a complete Pez dispenser collection. Any out-of-the-ordinary foods made into candy -- think candy burgers, steaks or ice cream cones -- will appeal to your weird side as well.

Tap into nature: Healing plants for Aquarius

Aquarius is an Air sign ruled by odd-ball Uranus, so the Water-bearer's plants will often grow in unusual places and may vary in appearance. The most healing and beneficial plants for Aquarius are ones that help circulation, relax the nervous system, or promote inspiration. Find out more about plants, herbs, and flowers of your sign!

Find your inner truth: Myths and truths about Aquarius

Your stereotype: Cold, detached and hyper-rational, you're a walking computer who is devoid of human emotions.
Your truth: Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian, but oddly you are often accused of not liking other humans -- or of not being human yourselves. Like all Air signs, Water-Bearers do tend to rationalize feelings and you are generally uncomfortable with messy emotional displays. But that doesn't mean you don't feel deeply or that you're not sensitive to other people's feelings! Just observe an Aquarian mom with her kids, and you'll definitely see the other, more emotive, side of this stereotype.