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Maria DeSimone

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Go beyond the week and learn more about Capricorn!

Color your life: Capricorn power color

Like your Virgo cousins, you prefer muted colors. Not "dull," you understand, but discreet -- both on your body and on your walls. Your vehicle should be equally inconspicuous. For example, silver, bronze or a tasteful gold. When it comes to clothing, you prefer beiges, tans, and greens -- but anything that's not loud will do just fine. Your mission is to look the way you think and act: subtle, understated and refined -- and you do it well.

Create balance: Healthy habits for Capricorn

Because you tend to keep a stiff upper lip, Capricorn, your bones and joints -- especially the knees -- can suffer from rigidity. Keep them limber with regular stretching, and strengthen them by eating sardines (which fortify the sinews), and organic beef and chicken (which strengthen the bones). Calcium supplements are also essential. To stay more flexible mentally, affirm: "I trust my higher self to keep me in the flow of my life." Read more about how to stay healthy!

Meet your match: Capricorn love compatibility

If your city has a mystery dinner club -- where participants play different characters and solve a mystery -- you can be sure some Scorpios will show up. They are your perfect match! They also like to dig deep into the human psyche, so try attending self-help seminars or workshops that explore the mysteries of the soul. See how well you and your current partner sync up »

Work it! Career paths for Capricorn

Conscientious and attentive, Goats need work that requires lots of responsibility. Capricorns are rarely in subordinate positions for long. Whether you're a store manager or hospital administrator, you can run a tight ship. Your earthy sensibilities are best suited to jobs that involve material goods. Banking, manufacturing and building are all good industries for you to pursue.

Don't freak out: Capricorn stress triggers

You demand a lot from yourself, Capricorn. And, you feel pressured when you fail to live up to your high expectations. You can end up going over the "what ifs" or "if onlys" of life 'til you're all lathered up, asking questions that can't be answered or longing for what you can't have. The remedy is to live in the moment, the only place where joy can be found. And, be sure there's plenty of time to relax in your hectic day. Get personalized tips for calm and healing here »

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Capricorn favorite candy

Capricorn likes their candy -- and everything -- to be high-end, both when it comes to price and quality. Only the finest white and dark chocolates will appeal to your status-oriented sign. If you can import your chocolate from Britain too, even better -- you'll gobble up those galaxy bars faster than you can say "yummmy!"

Tap into nature: Healing plants for Capricorn

As an Earth sign ruled by the planet Saturn, Capricorn's plants usually have few flowers, are knobby or woody, and may have an unpleasant smell or taste. Saturn rules plants with long lives and slow growth, so plants with annual rings are also associated with the Goat. And because Capricorn rules the knees, joints, bones, and teeth, plants that are high in calcium can be very beneficial to you. Find out more about plants, herbs, and flowers of your sign!

Find your inner truth: Myths and truths about Capricorn

Your stereotype: Ruthlessly ambitious social climbers, Capricorns like you will step on anyone who gets in the way of your ascent to the top.
Your truth: Instead of the Mountain Goat, Capricorn was originally represented by the Sea Goat -- with the front body of a goat and the tail of a fish. Water represents consciousness and mysticism, signaling that, contrary to popular stereotypes, yours is actually a deeply spiritual sign -- or at least has the potential to be. Although some Goats seem to be only concerned about getting to the top, you do have a profound inner life, and many of those born under your sign devote themselves to the mystical path, especially later in life.