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Maria DeSimone

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Go beyond the week and learn more about Libra!

Color your life: Libra power color

Pastels: When it comes to colors -- whether you'll be wearing them, driving them or looking at them on your walls -- soft, mellow and soothing colors are what you prefer. Venus, Goddess of Love and Harmony, is your patron planet, so pink is probably the first color that comes to mind. But mint green, sky blue and pale rose are close seconds.

Create balance: Healthy habits for Libra

You make a wonderful partner, Libra, because you're so cooperative. But you also crave approval, and giving in too much can erode your sense of self-esteem. The kidneys are your weak organ; nurture them with a diet rich in barley, beans, blueberries, potatoes, almonds, kelp and eggs. This will give you confidence and help prevent weak bones and hair loss. To prevent the fear of aging, affirm: "My inner beauty radiates outward to all." Read more about how to stay healthy!

Meet your match: Libra love compatibility

At your next art gallery opening, keep an eye out for the most engaging conversationalist. That could be your perfect match, a chatty Gemini. Sidle up to him or her and make an outrageous comment about the show. If a light-hearted repartee ensues, that's your cue to make your move. See how well you and your current partner sync up »

Work it! Career paths for Libra

Charming, witty and tasteful, Libras work best when dealing with the public. You make great salespeople, provided you are moving luxury merchandise. Naturally artistic, you also gravitate toward jobs involving design, music, or dance. Libras are also extremely gracious and make excellent ambassadors, customer service representatives and restaurant hosts.

Don't freak out: Libra stress triggers

Not being treated fairly is hugely stressful for you, Libra. You'll spend hours weighing the pros and cons of confronting someone and make yourself sick. Rather than seething in silence or overreacting defensively, respond calmly in the moment. Keep it short and sweet -- no long-winded speeches or accusations. You'll get better results once people know where you stand. An uncluttered environment will also help. Get personalized tips for calm and healing here »

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Libra favorite candy

Just tasting good isn't good enough for a refined Libra -- your sweet treats have to look good as well. Andes Mints have a sleek, sophisticated look that Libras like you will gobble up with glee. The unique design of Sno-Caps would also appeal to your highly-developed aesthetic side.

Tap into nature: Healing plants for Libra

Libra is an Air sign, and is ruled by the planet Venus. Because Venus is the planet of beauty and love, Libra's plants often have light, lovely flowers and gorgeous scents. Libra rules the kidneys and the adrenals, so her plants help to bring balance to these areas of the body. Find out more about plants, herbs, and flowers of your sign!

Find your inner truth: Myths and truths about Libra

Your stereotype: Will you ever make up your mind? Wishy-washy Libras drive can drive people crazy with their inability to commit.
Your truth: Libra is represented by the Scales -- so you're here to weigh all the options and make choices that result in maximum balance, harmony and justice. This takes time! Of course, there's a point when you need to commit to a course of action -- and you'll get there, eventually -- but aren't you glad that someone is considering all the points of view and potential impact on everyone involved? People know that when Libras like you do finally commit, you're likely to stick to your decision.