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Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

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Maria DeSimone

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Go beyond the week and learn more about Sagittarius!

Color your life: Sagittarius power color

Your symbol is the centaur, half man and half horse, which means you're a half intellectual and half animal creature -- and your taste in colors reflects that duality. While you love the dark greens and burnt reds of the animal side, you also adore black and white ... reflecting the intellectual side of you. In short, you're a multi-faceted creature, and your taste in colors reflects them all!

Create balance: Healthy habits for Sagittarius

Because you like to live large, Sagittarius, you tend to burn the candle at both ends or take on too much. Your hips and thighs can suffer from all that running around; make sure you're doing regular stretches, especially of the sciatic nerve that runs down the leg from the mid-posterior. And avoid blood clots by cutting down on meat and fats. To set better boundaries, affirm: "I take on only what I can handle and let the rest go." Read more about how to stay healthy!

Meet your match: Sagittarius love compatibility

At your next party, look for the person who seems to be holding the spotlight. That could be your soulmate, a Leo who loves entertaining a crowd. Leos also enjoy children and often participate in field trips and after school programs with their own children or their nieces and nephews. See how well you and your current partner sync up »

Work it! Career paths for Sagittarius

Enthusiastic and optimistic, Sagittarians need jobs that offer plenty of challenges. Since you can't stand routine work and would rather be traveling on business than sitting behind a desk. Archers like you work well out-of-doors and make excellent landscapers, animal trainers and fitness coaches. Sagittarians are also philosophical and are well-suited as lawyers, professors and ministers.

Don't freak out: Sagittarius stress triggers

You're all about movement, Sagittarius, so sitting in traffic is your personal hell. You're also not big on formal events or business meetings where you must act properly and "behave." Any situation that reins you in can trigger stress, like a partner pressuring you for a commitment or having to punch a time clock. Make sure you get enough time outdoors to feed your restless spirit so you won't feel so constrained. Get personalized tips for calm and healing here »

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Sagittarius favorite candy

Sagittarians dream of traveling the world, so candies that come from other places will delight you. Toblerone, the triangular Swiss chocolate bar, will satisfy your sweet tooth if you want chocolate. Or, try an Asian market -- you'll go wild for a bag of candy you can't identify without tasting.

Tap into nature: Healing plants for Sagittarius

Sagittarius is a Fire sign that is ruled by the planet large and optimistic planet Jupiter. So the Archer's plants tend to be large in size and fairly conspicuous, with a pleasant odor. The best plants for Sagittarius will support the liver, are high in the mineral silica, and promote a positive frame of mind. Find out more about plants, herbs, and flowers of your sign!

Find your inner truth: Myths and truths about Sagittarius

Your stereotype: The flighty Archer in you is always ready to jump on the next plane to anywhere if things get too serious or require commitment.
Your truth: Sagittarius is the adventurer of the zodiac, here to expand beyond limits and borders and explore unknown territory. Travel equals freedom, in your opinion. Sometimes, though, you forget that you can create a sense of freedom from within. Remember: "wherever you go, there you are." As long as you find some way to indulge your adventurous spirit, there are plenty of Archers who settle down and stay in one place or with one partner.