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Maria DeSimone

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Go beyond the week and learn more about Scorpio!

Color your life: Scorpio power color

Red and black: We've all heard about the strength of "power colors" -- and it's all true. That's why Scorpios like you gravtitate toward intense colors like deep red and black. Wear those colors to meetings with prospective higher-ups, drive vehicles that reflect that power and accent your home with those mighty shades. With mighty Pluto as your ruling planet, if anyone knows exactly how potent those colors are, it's you. So, there's really no more advice to offer -- except to avoid any color that's not deep, dark and intense.

Create balance: Healthy habits for Scorpio

Your sign, Scorpio, is associated with birth and its corollary, death -- and thus rules the reproductive and eliminative organs. To keep this part of you healthy, drink only the purest water and avoid intoxicants and heavy metals such as mercury (often found in tuna) and aluminum (from cookware). Eat lots of greens and practice martial arts to learn how to wield power wisely. Affirm: "I channel my passions in healthy and loving ways." Read more about how to stay healthy!

Meet your match: Scorpio love compatibility

Look for your Capricorn match at a networking club. He or she will be the one working the floor and taking names. Introduce yourself and initiate a business card exchange. Use those magnetic eyes of yours to leave an unforgettable impression. See how well you and your current partner sync up »

Work it! Career paths for Scorpio

Self-motivated and focused, Scorpios like you do best in jobs that require tremendous concentration. Members of this sign make great surgeons, courtroom lawyers and executive secretaries. Scorpios don't like to be scrutinized and should be given a measure of independence (after you've proven you are trustworthy, of course). You also love mysteries, which makes you great detectives, police officers and psychiatrists.

Don't freak out: Scorpio stress triggers

Others don't realize how sensitive you are, Scorpio, because you hide it well. Yours is a quiet strength -- so loud yelling and noise in general can quickly stress you out. You also feel tense and nervous when you don't get enough privacy. Deadlines are another source of stress for you: You'd rather take your time than rush to finish things. Be sure people know your needs and boundaries so you can negotiate what works for all. Get personalized tips for calm and healing here »

Satisfy your sweet tooth: Scorpio favorite candy

“The darker, the better" is Scorpio's motto when it comes to chocolate. But not just any chocolate -- you're too intense for that. You need exotic, deep flavors so splurge on an expensive chili or sea salt flavored chocolate bar. And don't share.

Tap into nature: Healing plants for Scorpio

A Water sign ruled by both Mars and Pluto, Scorpio's plants are often found in remote places or underground. They will likely have thorns, be red in color, and grow under adversity. The reproductive organs are ruled by Scorpio, so plants that balance the hormones, regulate the menstrual cycle, or help with childbirth and pregnancy are very beneficial to Scorpio. Find out more about plants, herbs, and flowers of your sign!

Find your inner truth: Myths and truths about Scorpio

Your stereotype: You are way too intense! Can't you just take a chill pill and lighten up?
Your truth: As the sign associated with sex, death and the Underworld, Scorpio is here to delve beneath the surface of life, discover what is hidden and bring to light what the other signs are too afraid to acknowledge. The purpose of all that intensity is transformation at the deepest level. You might need a reminder to look on the bright side from time to time, but if others want superficiality and frivolity, look to another sign!