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Try not to get carried away by this...

Try not to get carried away by this...

Toss the coins for emotional stability during Venus trine Pluto.
Jessica Abel

As a double Aquarius with a Gemini Rising, I am often accused of being a tad unemotional. It's true, I'm not all that comfortable with extreme feelings, but I do have them. And if you don't believe me, today's Venus-Pluto trine will make even the most stoic people act out of passion and lust!

Like it or love it, we're all going to be on a natural love high while these planets hook up! BUT... as any logical Aquarius will warn you, be careful of this passion, as it may be more lusty and less lasting. How can you tell?

Love I Ching

Staying grounded is essential when love is flooding your emotions, and there's nothing more grounded than the Love I Ching. One of our most popular readings, this reading embodies a modern yet practical take on how to approach life's biggest challenge: LOVE! Each toss of the coins brings you a step closer to understanding how to approach these powerful feelings of love, lust, jealousy, or whatever it is that may be clouding your emotional judgment.