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The Mandala Tarot: A Different Type of Reading

Mandala is an Eastern term for a consecrated place, a map of the cosmos, or a geometric projection of the world reduced to an essential pattern. A mediator uses a Mandala to identify with the forces of the universe and to collect their power. Read More »

Changing Your Year: Moving a Solar Return Ascendant

My system for dating the events during a Solar Return (SR) year is unique. The SR is the exact time when the Sun returns to the exact degree and minute it was when you were born. Because the length of the solar year always changes, the SR time of day and Rising sign — or Ascendant (ASC) — changes every year as well. If you were born at 3:00p.m., for example, your SR time might be the previous day early in the morning, or the next day in the evening. It is usually within a day either way. Read More »

Occupy Wall Street and the Scorpio New Moon

I reflect on the powerful New Moon in Scorpio, having been to see Occupy Wall Street in Liberty Square in New York City. It was dramatic and intense, and it reflects well what is happening astrologically. Scorpio is about depth of feeling, often frustration at not being “heard,” and therefore easily turns to secrecy, subterfuge or violence, and it is about other peoples’ money, i.e., our money, which is what runs Wall Street. Read More »

Reincarnation Questions

A friend and client asked, "Why are my Aries Sun and Jupiter associated with nomadic early times in history?" Read More »

Astrology's Outer Planets

The "outer planets" in Astrology are Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, and we are amidst an unusual and quite rare situation where they are all within one quadrant of the zodiac. Read More »

Life Comes From the Inside Out

A very good question that I often hear from people who aren't very experienced with Astrology is: How would this reading by you benefit me if everything is/was going to happen for a reason anyway? Or you could find out for yourself with our Life's Purpose Astrology Report. Read More »

Winning the Kentucky Derby with Astrology

Years ago I knew an astrologer named Joyce Wehrman, who was a master at picking winners for various betting games and horse races. She used transits, which is the actual daily movement of the planets, and her techniques often worked. Read More »

A New World

Having created calendars, including the Mayan, for many years in the '70s and '80s, I know better than most that December 21, 2012 was far from being "the end of the world. The Mayan calendar is always cyclical Read More »

Telling Time with Tarot

Everything in the universe happens in time, by which I mean that effects follow causes because nothing creates itself. This principle is what Buddhists call "impermanence" and the ancient Chinese called "changes." Read More »

Saturn and Pluto: Intense Revolution

Saturn is moving through the sign Scorpio until it finally exits into Sagittarius in September 2015. It entered Scorpio for good in October 2012, so by now it's around 11 degrees of that sign. Read More »

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