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Compassionate Capricorn

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. combined masterful skills as a speaker and leader with a heartfelt compassion, crossing racial lines to make him one of the most important American leaders of the 20th Century. He was a Capricorn, born January 15, 1929 at noon in Atlanta, Georgia. His Sun sign, associated with ambition, organization and practicality, is concerned with achieving results rather than simply making statements. A negative quality of some Capricorns, though, is a drive so focused on reaching their goals that they callously push others aside on their way to the top. Read More »

It's All Good

Generally, I dislike the expression "It’s all good." That’s because life is a complex weaving of positive and negative experiences, that there is no good without bad, and most of the time people who say this are blowing smoke. It's like a big whitewash, a denial of reality disguised as confidence. Yet some recent experiences have brought this idea back to me in a way that casts it in a new light. Read More »

New Moon in Capricorn

Get ready ... this New Moon could be your sure-fire chance to make lasting and healthy changes in your life. Why? Like many of life's mysteries that you can't easily see, this New Moon brings with it powerful magic. Believing in magic is well and good, but what about believing in yourself? Well, that's another story! Read More »

Full Moon in Cancer Horoscopes January 2012

The Full Moon in sensitive Cancer on January 8, 2012 at 11:30 p.m. (PST) is a reminder to attend to our feelings. The opposing Sun in dutiful Capricorn sometimes hardens us to our inner needs in order to meet our obligations. Yet this lunation touches us deeply, even spurring crises of insecurity if we're not taking care of ourselves. Establishing a healthy routine with a balance between work and personal matters is essential now. Read More »

Nervous New Year

I was thinking about nervousness the other day, noticing little ripples of uncertainty that were present in the midst of a beautiful time. I have my own sources and reasons for these feelings, but wondered how many of them weren't mine but are part of the collective emotional environment in which we all live. There is plenty of reason for nervousness with economic contraction pushing middle class families toward poverty while those already at the bottom face even harder times. Read More »

Winter Love Horoscopes

When the Sun moves into Capricorn on Dec. 22, winter will begin! For lovers, this season will be particularly intriguing. Since the first things the Sun does once it's in the sign of the Goat are to meet up with the generous opportunities of Jupiter and the unexpected events brought by the erratic planet Uranus, expect love spell EXCITEMENT. Read your sign's horoscope to see just how easy it's going to be to stay warm despite the brisk winds and icy chill. Read More »

Transformational Holidays

The idea that the spirit of the holidays has been overshadowed by commercialism is not a new one. Santa‘s presence in stores, sponsored parades and a tidal wave of advertising to boost sales has muddled the season’s message with financial interests for a very long time. Yet we maintain a sense of hope based on the desirable notions of peace on Earth and good will to all. Christmas trees reflect the pre-Christian traditions that celebrated the return of the Sun in the Northern Hemisphere after the year’s shortest day on the winter solstice. Read More »

Planets and the Presidency

In the 1970s the cultural historian William Irwin Thompson described Richard Nixon’s resignation as U.S. President as the end of the presidency itself. He believed that Nixon’s departure symbolized a shift in the power of the office rather than just the failure of one man. The idea that leadership in the Oval Office may not be significant corresponds with the transit of transformational Pluto through executive Capricorn from 2009-2023, especially now with revolutionary Uranus coming into a stressful 90-degree square with Pluto. Read More »

Ring in the New Year Retrograde-Free!

You know that feeling of taking one step forward ... but two steps back? You put all your energy and intention into starting, advancing and finishing up things in your life, but no matter what you do you're just not making any progress. Ahh yes, welcome to the world of retrograde! Read More »

Planet Magic

The planets are descriptions of fundamental energies that operate inside us and in the world around us. The Sun is the primary source of energy; it is the light and life of the solar system and the animating principle of will, consciousness, and identity. Most people know what sign the Sun was in when they were born and recognize it as a key to self-understanding. Yet the Sun shines all year long, whether it's in your sign or not. The confidence, courage, and creativity it represents can warm us and inform us with its power at any time. Read More »

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